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Hello and thank you for visiting my official webpage. My name is Maksym Mirzabaiev, and I am a professional full-time freelance translator delivering quality linguistic services. This website contains all the necessary information about translation, localization, proofreading and editing services you may have been searching for.

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Today's business practice in virtually any area of activity requires signing an NDA or other related document so that both parties can conduct their activities in a legally safe environment. I always encourage such an initiative, and therefore am willing to properly sign and send back all necessary documents prior to entering a business relationship. Let us conduct business responsibly!

A Mature Approach To Translation: Accuracy And Attention To Detail


Communicating accurately with different people across borders and languages is clearly important in the business environment of today. Poor quality inconsistent translation performed by an amateur may lead to misunderstandings, as well as create a communication barrier between your business and the target audience it is aimed at. Moreover, there could be a significant decline in product sales within a language-specific market you are trying to reach out to due to such mistakes. In order to make sure that the original message of your text is conveyed properly, it is essential to put the translation process in the hands of an experienced translator with a solid background, within their relevant field of expertise. This will enable you to achieve the business goals you have already set, and increase the overall effectiveness and productivity of your business, which will undoubtedly lead to an increased profit margin. Be sure to keep this in mind when making your final decision!


I always provide my clients with accurate, quality and consistent translations where every single word counts.


Committed to quality, driven by passion. © Maksym Mirzabaiev